• Considerations 


    Compensation for my companionship


    Acceptable forms of reimbursement


    $300 hour



    Tour Cities



    Tour Rates reflect accommodation fee & travel expenses.


    Acceptable forms for compensation

    Cash is king


    Cash app


    Absolutly NO PayPal or credit cards.


    If you would like to use a credit card connected to a Cash App account.

    Venmo transactions can and should be made private during Our association.



    *5% fee must be added for any form of electronic payment.


    For serious discretion

    ** For this option I do ask for you to include a 10%

    I accept payment through my personal Venmo or If you would like to be extra discreet I have a Venmo account with a decoy business name very similar to a popular shopping website so that the billing will not raise red flags.

    For this option I do ask for you to include a 10% gratuity since I will be paying taxes and assuming responsibility under my business name for any transaction.


    Outcall: for me, Outcall appointments are typically not economically efficient and aren’t keeping my safety as a priority.

    I will consider but this does depend on how familiar I am with you, if we have met in person before the amount of personal information you’re willing to disclose, The date, location and the Compensation agreed-upon.


    For dinner dates I’m glad to accommodate under the same Protocol listed above However would prefer the latter part of the evening to be in my home.


    This is also for your benefit. When I am in my own environment and feel safe I am more comfortable and at ease and can provide a much better experience for you.


    Gratuities are always appreciated but not expected.



    Please note that my rates reflect a premium service & are non negotiable.

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